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HC-9 EZ Turn Hospital BED


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In addition to traditional hospital be functions, the HOPEFULL EZ-Turn Multi-function Full Electric Hospital Bed offers innovative lateral tilting and rotation. These movements help with lateral recumbent positioning of the patient or your loved one, which is especially helpful for preventing pressure ulcers (bed sores). This also aides the work of nurses or caregivers, who conventionally must log-roll patients at regular intervals and use wedge pillows. With the EZ turn Bed, the patient can be easily repositioned without the direct help of a caregiver or wedge pillows, providing further assistance to both the patient and caregiver. The EZ-Turn bed also offers head/back, knee, and foot elevation with integrated angle degree displays to provide precise positioning of the patient. These functions are accomplished by the state-of-the-art LINAK electric motor actuators and control systems, which provide smooth and quiet movements. The controls are ergonomically produced, with intuitive designs on the hand-held pendant to ensure easy use. LINAK is the leading brand for motor actuators and electronics for hospital beds world-wide. Other features include an integrated digital weighing scale, centralized locking system with brake pedals, and 5 inch aluminum casters with bearings. The large casters allow for ease of movement on various floor surfaces, like concrete, tile, wood, and carpet, which will help with moving the bed within your home or facility. The HOPEFULL EZ-Turn Multi-Function Full Electric Hospital Bed is the perfect solution to improve the care of your patients and loved ones. SPECIFICATIONS: 550 lbs weight limit Overall bed weight: 287 lbs. Overall Dimensions: 86.0 x 41.8 x (19.0 – 32.0 adjustable height) inches Sleep Surface Dimensions: 78.7 x 35.4 inches

Available on backorder

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18 Different Functional Bed

Lateral Tilting Position to Right & Left

  • For patient to decrease pain
  • For reduce of potential complications
  • For protection of nurses and caregivers in daily works

Turing the patients, putting back and changing bedding are daily works of nurses and caregiver, but these heavy physical work influence their career and health badly.  EZ Turn BedTM has one-button control function to change the patient lateral tilt position, which assiats nurse and caregiver to turn the patients very easily. EZ Turn BedTM  also reduce the possibility of potential complications, such as lung infection, pressure ulcer and decrease of patients’ pain. EZ Turn BedTM  can  adjust the tilting angle smoothly to give the comfortable feeling to the patients.

Dim. : 87 x 42″ x 19″ – 32″ (H)
Safe Working Load : 550 LBS
Controlling system and motor from LINAK, Denmark
5″ Aluminum castors with bearing
2 pcs separate central locking system
Bed Panel with Plastic Slat
Battery Back-up, Accurate Weighing and 16 different functions

LCD Control Panel

Multi-functional Bed

Standard Accessories

  • Lifting column actuator 2pcs
  • Linear actuator 3pcs
  • LCD nurse control (Incl. electronic angle indicator) 1 pc
  • Patient control 2units
  • Weighing data display 1pc
  • Weighing sensor 4pcs
  • Backup battery 1pc
  • Under bed light 1pc
  • Central lock castor 4pcs
  • Brake pedal 2pcs
  • US style full-length bedside rail (Built-in angle indicator) 1 set
  • 85mm buffer 4pcs
  • Lifting pole hole 2 pcs

Optional Accessories

  • Mattress
  • Bedside cabinet
  • SS IV pole
  • Movable dining table
  • Foot control brake
  • Integrated hook
  • Writing table
  • Lifting pole
  • Oxygen cylinder holder
  • Instrument tray
  • Bed extension
  • Middle drip hole
  • Exit alarm
  • The 5th castor

EZ Turn Adjustable Tilting Angle (0-30º)

“Choose your surface” by Open Architecture design. EZ Turn BedTM  accepts most standard support mattress or therapy surface.

Ex Turn Bed Exclusive Mattress (Model No.: Df1028)

  • 5 CLASSIC FUNCTIONS: These functions include elevation of the head, knees, and feet. The bed can also be lowered to 19 inches or elevated to 32 inches in height. With these functions, the patient can be positioned in Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg, Fowler’s, semi-Fowler’s, high-Fowler’s, and standard chair positions. There are angle degree displays for the head elevation and Trendelenburg movements for precise positioning of the patient.
  • LATERAL TILTING AND ROTATION: The EZ-Turn Bed offers innovative lateral tilting and rotation of up to 30 degrees, which will help with lateral recumbent positioning of the patient. This is especially helpful for preventing pressure ulcers (bed sores) for patients who are unable to move by themselves. Traditionally, caregivers must log-roll patients and use wedge pillows at regular intervals to prevent these ulcers. Now, these movements can assisted with the EZ-Turn Bed.
  • Accurate Weighing Scale
  • Foot Control Pads on Right and Left Side
  • Battery Back Up System
  • LCD Nursing Control Pad
  • Chair Position by one button
  • Including EZ-Turn Mattress
  • LINAK ELECTRIC MOTOR ACTUATORS: The LINAK electric motor actuator and control system offers smooth and quiet movements. Controls are located on the side-rails and hand-held pendant. The LINAK system is developed in Denmark and is the leading brand for hospital beds in the world. Their intuitive design allows patients to move to comfortable positions, including the lateral recumbent position, with the press of a button. Our LINAK systems come with an integrated weighing system and display.
  • CENTRAL LOCKING SYSTEM: The EZ-Turn Bed comes with a central locking System with 5 inch aluminum caster wheels and brake pedals, which allow for ease of movement, even on carpeted surfaces. These features allow the bed to be easily moved on various surfaces within your home or facility
  • SIZE, WEIGHT LIMITS, and WARRANTY: There is a 550 lbs weight limit for safe operation of the bed. The sleeping surface is 78.7 x 35.4 inches. Overall dimensions are 86.0 x 41.8 x 19.7 – 32.3 inches. Overall bed weight is about 287 lbs. The EZ Turn Bed also comes with a 2 year warranty for parts and labor, 5 year warranty for the LINAK actuator electric motor, and 10 year warranty for the frame of the bed.


EZ-Turn (HC9) Catalogue

Instruction Manual

Maintenance Manual

Additional information

Weight 410 lbs
Dimensions 90 × 42 × 20 in

Canada Maple, Maldives Blue, Rhine Green

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